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Batman Arkham Knight is certainly one of the big titles causing a fuss in the TwinStickGaming offices, and we thought we’d give you a breakdown of all the major villains confirmed for Rocksteady’s final Batman instalment, due this October. Is the Bat out of the bag?


batman arkham knight scarecrowSince the announcement of Arkham Knight, it has been known that Scarecrow would finally make his reappearance in the next and final instalment of the Arkham franchise.

We last saw Scarecrow at the end of Arkham Asylum. Believed to have died at the hands of Killer Croc, he was last seen clinging to a floating Titan Container in the waters surrounding Arkham Island at the end of the credits for Arkham Asylum.

An Easter egg hidden within Arkham City also allowed you to gain access to a small lab of The Scarecrow’s hidden upon a ship. The lab showed signs that Scarecrow was still very much alive, as was his evil and macabre work.

People will know of Scarecrow thanks not only to his appearances in Batman The Animated Series but because of his portrayal in The Dark Knight Trilogy. In both of these appearances, and the comics, he has been plaguing the citizens of Gotham with their worst fears. From what we have seen in the trailers it would seem Scarecrow has brought Gotham to it’s knees with the threat of their worst fears being unleashed upon them.

With his return we hope that we will be playing in his nightmarish world once more, just as we did in Arkham Asylum.

The Penguin

batman arkham knight penguinOswald Cobblepott can often be described as the ultimate crime kingpin of Gotham. Nothing happens, comes or goes through the city, without the penguin knowing about it and his appearances in Arkham Origins and Arkham City both reflected this.

His gruesome appearance, and even more gruesome methods, make him a memorable villain in the Arkham Universe – voiced by the ever present Nolan North AKA Nathan Drake from Uncharted.

From both the announcement trailer and the gameplay trailer we recently posted here on Twinstick, it looks as though Penguin is up to his old tricks, supplying the criminals of Gotham with weapons, and anything else they could want, to turn Gotham in to a war zone.

We also get to see a little of what we can expect from his physical appearance in this outing. Not much has changed, other than he has lost the remainder of his hair and is now sporting the glass bottle for a monocle after the unknown incident which was referenced in the Victor Zsasz phone call quest of Arkham City. He is also looking slightly bulkier and more physically threatening.

The trailers suggest there is some kind of alliance between The Penguin and Two-Face. Only time will tell what consequences this sinister allegiance will have for the Batman.


batman arkham knight two faceHarvey Dent, the dual sided and conflicted former district attorney of Gotham City has only made one appearance in the Arkham Universe so far, that being in Arkham City, and voiced by another actor who seems to be everywhere at the moment – Troy Baker AKA The Joker (Arkham Origins), Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite), Joel (The Last of Us). Need I go on?

The last we saw of Two-Face, he was planning his next move in the turf war to control the mega prison of Arkham City and was being plagued by Catwoman in Arkham City, his faced scratched and cut as result of a brief skirmish between the two.

However, it would seem that he has healed from his wounds and has returned to doing what he does best, and that’s providing Gotham with his own unique two part method of destruction.

Rocksteady explained that Two-Face’s image was so iconic and universally known that nothing should be touched in regards to his appearance in Arkham Knight. Instead, more time has been spent ensuring that his image has been updated to represent the graphical prowess of the next-gen consoles, meaning more detail on his clothes and of course, on the horrific scarring which makes him one of Batman’s most visually memorable villains.

The Riddler

batman arkham knight riddlerEdward Nygma or Edward Nashton as was his original name, started plaguing Gotham during Arkham Origins and was originally given the alias, Enigma by Batman.

So far, The Riddler has appeared in all three of the Arkham games, providing the player with plenty of hours worth of gameplay, finding trophies, blackmail data packs, shaking down Riddler infomants and, of course, solving riddles across Arkham Island, Arkham City and Gotham City.

So a new entry in the Arkham series obviously means his return. Rocksteady have already mentioned that when ejecting from the Batmobile, players will be able to collect Riddler trophies that would otherwise be unobtainable. With this in mind, fans and completionists can look forward to scratching their heads and scouring every inch of the city to find every last riddle and trophy, while undoubtedly being mocked by The Riddler himself, voiced by Wally Wingert, who has taken this role in each appearance so far and is set to return once more for Arkham Knight.

Although only a couple of screenshots have surfaced so far revealing The Riddler’s appearance in Arkham Knight, it is clear to see he still sports his characteristically green clothing, emblazoned with question marks, and wears a pair of goggles which replace the glasses he is usually depicted as wearing. His appearance this time round does not seem as dapper however, his tie being absent as well as the traditional style suit and hat he would normally wear.

Could this mean that The Riddler has abandoned his sense of style and theatrics in a final, desperate move to prove his mental superiority over Batman?

Harley Quinn

batman arkham knight harleyNot much is known of Harley Quinn’s involvement during Arkham Knight. The only hint alluding to her precise role in the latest Arkham game, was her appearance in the announcement trailer which shows her disarming police officers in the streets of Gotham.

At this stage, her exact mental state is unclear after the apparent death of the Joker at the end of Arkham City (and after her psychotic revenge mission on Batman in the Harley’s Revenge DLC which takes place after the events of Arkham City), but fans of the femme fatale will not only get to see her again, but will also get to play as her as a pre-order bonus for Arkham Knight.

Arkham Knight

batman arkham knight?For a short time, many thought the Arkham Knight was a reference to Batman but Rocksteady were quick to reveal that The Arkham Knight was NOT Batman and referred to a new villain.

Since then, screenshots of the Arkham Knight have surfaced and he appears to wear what has been described as a militarized version of the Batsuit, minus the cape and with the Arkham logo emblazoned across his chest.

During the recent gameplay trailer, we finally got to see the Arkham Knight in action: He takes down the Batman and even has time to walk over to his body to stand over him, pointing a gun at him ready to execute the hero.

Nothing more is known about him, but a screenshot does also allude to the idea that not only has the Arkham Knight aligned with other Gotham villains, as revealed by Rocksteady, but that he may also have an army of henchman under his command who are prepared to wreak havoc and rain destruction upon the city.

The question still remains however, who is The Arkham Knight?

Twinstickgaming will keep you all up to date with any further character developments as, and when, they happen. In the meantime, stay tuned for Impartial News, Reviews, Rants, Guides and Videos from TwinStickGaming.

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