Mario Kart 8 boosts Wii U sales 666% in UK.


In a big week for new releases, Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U has to be the star performer! Though, unsurprisingly Watch_Dogs took the number one spot in terms of sales, Mario Kart 8 didn’t just sell incredibly well, it saw a 666% rise in Wii U sales over its launch week in the UK.

We knew this would be a system seller, but no-one was expecting an increase of such dramatic proportions! Even factoring that this is a percentage increase and means that, mathematically speaking,  the number of sales doesn’t have to be that great (if Nintendo only shifted one unit the first week, then 666 units the following week, that’s still a 666% increase), it’s still incredibly impressive.

It shows that this really IS the game Wii U owners have been waiting for. Furthermore, it shows just how many potential owners have been waiting in the wings for a reason to buy.

Whether this is an anomalous occurrence for the struggling platform or a precursor to Nintendo’s rise from the ashes; a phoenix reborn, remains to be seen. If consumers speak with their wallets, then there has never been a better time to be a Wii U owner.

Nintendo were not the only company to benefit from the new releases, PS4 sales rose by a reported 94% during the same week, a statistic that has been largely attributed to the release of Watch_Dogs. Not an achievement to be overlooked by any means, but we’re going to let Nintendo owners have this one. This is their week to shine! They’ve waited long enough.

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