Watchdogs: QR Code Investigations – Guide (Walkthrough)

watchdogs qr codeWelcome to Twinstickgaming. This article covers Watchdogs the rather tricky QR Code locations. These QR Codes are often on the sides of several buildings at once but you need to align a camera to turn the fragmented QR Code into a whole scannable QR Code. Finding the code isn’t necessarily the tricky part but only one camera in vicinity is able to align the Code perfectly. The exact camera you need to hack might not actually be anywhere near the objective so our video not only covers the locations of all 16 QR Codes but show you where you need to be and how to solve each QR mystery. We also show you what happens once you have unlocked all QR Codes. Doing all of this will give you the ‘Read Only‘ Achievement/Trophy.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below, if not have fun and we hope this helps.

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