Borderlands Pre-Sequel Gameplay Footage Features ClapTrap

borderlands the presequelAt PAX East, 2k Australia had a 15 minute presentation of their upcoming installment of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The presentation consisted of 15 minutes worth of gameplay featuring co-op play from main characters Athena (The Gladiator) and Wilhelm (The Enforcer). Fans of the franchise also got to see a brief cameo from the ever popular ClapTrap, who will also be a playable character.

Gearbox’s James Lopez and 2K Australia’s Joel Eschler sat down with Polygon and went through the same demonstration. The video mainly showcases Athena’s Aspis ability, but we also get to see the use of laser guns and cryo weaponry.

Since showing this game footage, 2K finalised the release date for the upcoming Pre-Sequel with another trailer entitled ‘Moon Dance’ and it looks like fans can be picking this off the shelves on October 17th, but North American gamers are fortunate to once again get their hands on the game a tad earlier on October 14th.

Pre-ordering the game will give you access to the ‘Shock Drop Slaughter Pit‘ content. Those familiar with the slaughter pit/domes in previous Borderlands games will know this is a fantastic way to level up quickly and explore the whole arsenal of weapons that you’ve managed to loot. As yet, there’s no confirmation whether this pre-order bonus is available in Europe.

Judging by the new trailer we can expect more chaos, gunplay and a warped sense of humour. The colourful over the top action has made the Borderlands series a popular game amongst hardcore gamers. Couple this with the up to 4 players online co-op campaign, and the latest instalment is set to be a winner for sure.

The only disappointment will be for those who made the jump to next gen but didn’t retain their old console as Borderlands The Pre-Sequel is not coming to PS4 or Xbox One. 2k Australia claimed that the consumer base on Xbox 360 and PS3 was currently much bigger than that of their successors and the decision to not port this across to the next gen consoles was purely economical. However, we suspect a next gen version is currently in the works hence why 2K Australia are at the helm for this one. Maybe we will see an E3 reveal.

Twinstickgaming expect to see more from Borderlands the Pre-sequel at E3. In the mean time check out the 4 main playable characters for Borderlands The Pre-Sequel here.