Last Of Us For PS4 To Be Released At E3?

last of usIn case you missed the furore about The Last of Us this week allow us to recap. Naughty Dog loosely pencilled a PS3 to PS4 port of, last years multi-award winning title, The Last of Us, which is due sometime this summer.

One of the branches from UK game retailer ‘GAME’ accidentally tweeted that The Last of Us was available from the 13th of June, this was accompanied by an image displaying a trade in offer – which you can see here courtesy of IGN. Game responded with a statement apologising for the Tweet from the “over eager staff member” and that they will update customers with the official date as and when.

Sony have since responded and declared the release date to be inaccurate. A spokesperson told GameSpot;

“The release date is not June 13…..As we’ve announced, The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 will release this summer. We will keep you posted on an official release date.”

But just when you thought the embers may be dying out someone has to relight the fire and spread more rumours. Tidux has often spearheaded many Last of Us rumours, many which have turned out to be true. Amid Naughty Dog’s difficulties porting the Last of Us from PS3 to PS4, Tidux announced on Twitter that the game is ready and therefore we may still see a June release.

Sony on several occasions have claimed that Tidux’s information is incorrect and have even gone to the lengths of suggesting that Tidux has no insider information whatsoever. Perhaps he is just a soothsayer then?

Alternatively you could listen to MCV who have suggested that the game could still be available next week as a result of E3. MCV’s Ben Parfitt suggests that Sony may be ” flicking the switch and releasing the game digitally in the middle of its (E3) press conference?

Although there is no real evidence to suggest this will happen just about every fan of the game will be hoping so. E3 has often been used to promote upcoming games but what better way to get consumers buying your product there and then but by drumming up feelings of nostalgia in a shiny new package?

Twinstickgaming intend to keep you up to date with the latest E3 developments over the coming week so stay tuned.

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