Dragon Age Inquisition – Premiere Content Coming First To XBOX

EA and Bioware have unleashed a whole host of information on their upcoming RPG, Dragon Age Inquisition. The third instalment in the series will see timed exclusive content, referred to as the Premiere Content, which will arrive on Xbox One and Xbox 360 ahead of any Sony console. Details of what is included in the Premiere content are yet to be revealed but we do know it is the first of the single player DLC.

The new trailer gives us a sneak peak into the darkness that lays ahead.

Further more Producer Mark Darrah spoke to IGN and told them that Dragon Age Inquistion is “the biggest game in our studio’s history. It’s the largest RPG we’ve ever made. There is more story-based content in Dragon Age: Inquisition than any other BioWare RPG…….it will set the bar for all of our future games.”

This is the first open world game from Bioware that will see around 10 contrasting terrains from deserts to wild forests. Another trailer introduced us to some new characters too. Check them out.

Finally gamers will be able to switch from a close up third person view to a top down tactical view. So for those who like their action up close and person the third person view may be the best option but if some battles are proving to overwhelming you can switch to a more birds-eye type view to get a sense of the whole battlefield.

Dragon Age Inquisition will be available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Ps4, PS3 and PC this October 7th. Stay tuned with Twinstickgaming for the latest or check out the list of know characters confirmed as party members for Dragon Age here (we will continue to update this throughout the year)

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