Grim Fandango Coming To PS4 & PS Vita

grim fandangoWhen Lucas Arts were at their pinnacle they released a game that was as much of a classic then as it is now. Grim Fandango is a point and click adventure game, much in the same ilk as Broken Sword and the Monkey Island series. However, it was Grim Fandango’s macabre sense of humour, mixing Mexican mythology with a film noir swagger, that set it apart from it’s rivals. This helped build up a cult following, but it is only until now that the games fans have been recognised and in turn rewarded.

Grim Fandango will be making its return, after a 15 year wait on the sidelines, to the PS4 and PS Vita. Grim Fandango is set to be a Sony exclusive but creator Tim Schafer recently tweeted that other platforms could be under consideration too, “Talk about other platforms soon! Sony’s been a great help making this happen & we’re excited to be working with them on the console version!

Whether this is in reference to a new PC version or whether the exclusivity is timed we’ll have to wait and see. So far all we know is this will be a remastered version of the game. However, other than the use of the Vita’s touch screen or PS4’s touch pad I would hope to see little alteration to this cult classic.

Watch the rather jovial introduction by Sony of Grim Fandango.