The Last of Us Remastered: release date, trailer and details revealed at e3.

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Ever since the release of the PS4 back in November, fans of the Playstation 3’s immersive masterpiece, The Last of Us, had speculated that a PS4 re-release would be a very welcome thing. A few weeks ago, the possibility turned into probability thanks to an insider leak.

The probability was then – finally – confirmed by both Sony and Naughty Dog. However, other than confirmation of its existence and the fact that they were targeting 1080p and 60fps (aren’t they all), details have been scarce.

Until now.

As many predicted, Sony’s pre-e3 press conference lifted the lid on the details fans had been clamoring for. 1080p and 60fps seem to still be on the cards, which is great – though not a necessity. Much bigger news was the frequently rumoured release date! We’d heard everything from GAME employees in the UK claiming it was coming on Friday (13th June), right to many theorising that Neil Druckmann’s infamous ‘Winter is Coming’ tweet wasn’t a Game of Thrones reference, but instead was a release window for The Last of Us PS4.

However, the mystery is now over thanks to the confirmed release date of 29th / 30th July (US / EU), 2014. Awesome. Further to this, Sony were able to confirm that all of the PS3 downloadable content, including game modes, the stunning Left Behind story, multiplayer maps and even all the hats, goggles and weapons – WOULD be available on The Last of Us Remastered.

Possibly a slight disappointment to some, Sony went on to explain, through their blog, that any multiplayer progress made through the PS3 version of Factions, would NOT carry over. This won’t bother newcomers to the game at all, and veterans will be all too aware of the irrelevance of levels in Factions after about level 20 anyway (indeed, many of them have started again, zeroing their own progress on purpose). Those that fall into that middle band of having only just unlocked everything, may feel the pinch.

Sony have lovingly tried to spin this as ‘leveling the playing field on multiplayer.’ It’s not really the case, as anyone who built up their skills on PS3 will still have a remarkable advantage over newcomers. Factions is about learning the maps, harnessing your skills and matching them to the weapons – then exploiting the behaviour of the opposition. The levelling systems have nothing to do with any of that, so if you are new – don’t expect an entirely level playing field, but persevere – this is one of the best and most underrated multiplayer experiences out there!

The Last of Us Remastered is available exclusively on the PS4 from the end of July. Kiss goodbye to your summer.

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