Chasm: Developer commentary at e3

During their time at e3, Discord Games took time to show off gameplay and answer questions about their upcoming project, Chasm.

This snippet of developer commentary comes courtesy of IGN and is quite revealing when it comes to narrative and character progression. It seems that Chasm will continue the grand 16-bit tradition of putting a heavier emphasis on gameplay rather than bogging players down in narrative and text. There is a story, but just enough of one to get you exploring! Just like classic Castlevania or Super Metroid, the aim of the game is to explore areas, upgrade your character abilities and open up a wider area that is ripe for discovery.

Additionally, Discord’s James Petruzzi (who spoke with us earlier this month) gave details on the kind of abilities you can expect to see as you progress, including but not limited to: wall jumping, ledge grabbing, parachuting and more.

The gameplay video is from very early in the game which is why protagonist Daltyn may not yet seem as acrobatic as he will further into the quest.

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