Dragon Age Inquisition E3 – How To Really Fight A Dragon

Let’s face it, if you’re going to show off your latest medieval-esque fantasy based RPG – you do it with a dragon. Bioware may be a developer who enjoys breaking the mould but even they know that pitting 4 squad members against a dragon is how you sell a game. Anyone who thinks otherwise need look no further than Skyrim or Dragon’s Dogma.

I suppose having the word ‘dragon’ in your title may also be a good reason to feature a dragon battle sequence. The below trailer showcases how to really fight a dragon. The party members surround the dragon pulling them in various directions, hitting them with a multitude of attacks and concentrating on vulnerable limbs. Check it out.

Dragon Age Inquisition: Dragon Fight

Dragon Age Inquisition’s latest gameplay trailer demonstrates two aspects of the game. The first is for those who prefer their action up close and personal. In this view mode the game is playing in real time, similar to Dragon Age 2, and players can quickly switch between party members unleashing devastating attacks. The most notable difference this time is how mobile the characters you command actually are.

Dragon Age 2’s combat system may have been a step up from the original Dragon Age Origins but it still felt stale. Your troops felt stagnant and even your own movements felt limited. This time players are diving out of harms way or propelling themselves into action, their is far more life in the battle and you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on one of your party members, who in previous games would often stand their oblivious to the fact they were taking damage.

The alternative way of playing has more in common with Dragon Age Origins. Players effectively pause the game, but unlike it’s predecessor the camera fans out to a top down view, giving you a large scope of the battlefield. You can then carefully place your troops to surround your enemies or avoid being flanked by forces that may have been unseen in the standard view mode. I expect masters of the game will continue to switch between both action and tactical mode.

Dragon Age Inquisition: 10 Minute Gameplay

I will admit, I loved Dragon Age Origins despite its flaws. Graphically it wasn’t the best showing and the combat (for some) was old school, but for me the characters and story were enough to sink over 150 hrs into it. On the other hand, Dragon Age 2 stung me. I tried to overlook the fans outrage when they discovered they could only play as Hawke, rather than having a fully customisable character. I tried to overlook that all of my favourite characters from Dragon Age Origins were somewhat absent. I even tried to overlook that the graphics hadn’t really improved that much. But in the end Dragon Age 2 was simply poor. Whilst some characters had their merits, none could hold a candle to Alistair, Morrigan, Oghren or Shale (to name a few), the locations were a spray of copy-paste in a spewed out beige colour and the plot (until it’s final moments) had little to hold the attention of even the most dedicated fan. With that bitter taste left in my mouth, my hopes for Dragon Age Inquisition had faded.

dragon age inquisition - rogueSlowly, with the passing of time and with each new snippet of information surrounding the game, I would eagerly take a peak but for the sake of appearances attempted to act disappointed. Dragon Age 2 had hurt me and I didn’t want to get my hopes up when it came to Dragon Age Inquisition. Initially I felt the early footage was underwhelming, not terrible, but it seemed that boxes were being ticked to avoid disappointing any fans. None of it felt bold enough. Yet gradually things were looking brighter, especially once Bioware dropped a trailer effectively showing off some of the most beautiful and inventive environments ever seen in gaming. The world felt alive. Could it be that Dragon Age had finally come of age?

But the biggest concern still lies in the fact the game is being made for the latest crop of consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) and their predecessors. In an ideal world you attempt to cater for all but I worry that the more time being spent on making sure that Dragon Age is relatively polished on both generations of consoles, that the game itself won’t excel, but sit in the realms of mediocrity. The new Lord of the Rings game, Shadow of Mordor, has had to scale down its unique feature, the nemesis system, just so it can play on the previous gen. Watchdogs (although very good) also made cut backs that perhaps compromised the PS4 and Xbox One versions – especially graphically. Many developers are begrudgingly admitting that they have reached the limits of PS3 and Xbox 360. Only time will tell if this is true of Dragon Age Inquisition.

The one thing EA’s E3 presentation has done for me, was restore my faith in the series. Whilst I still have my trepidations, I genuinely believe this could be the best Dragon Age game yet.

Dragon Age Inquisition will be available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Ps4, PS3 and PC this October 7th. Stay tuned with Twinstickgaming for the latest or check out the list of know characters confirmed as party members for Dragon Age here (we will continue to update this throughout the year).