Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Main Campaign Has 50 Hours Worth Of Gameplay

dragon age inquisition 1That’s right. Dragon Age: Inquisition will take you around 50 hours to complete. In a video interview with Eurogamer Producer Mark Darrah and Creative Director Mike Laidlaw were posed with the question, “how long will I be locked away in my room playing this?” After a little deliberation and telling the audience that if gamers focused solely on the main campaign they would be playing for around 50 hours. This excludes any side quests, random exploration and collectibles within the game.

But that wasn’t all.

In addition to the 50 hours standard gameplay Producer Cameron Lee announced on Twitter than Dragon Age Inquisition would have “40 major endings with additional variations.” So if I’m to take that as read and complete every possible ending, which I have to assume doesn’t just happen from playing the main campaign over and over again, the minimum time I could complete Dragon Age Inquisitions 40 different endings is 2000 hours. Hopefully there is some work around for this, for example the ending giving you two options to a major decision and having the option to save before each decision, just to reload and alter the outcome. Surely no one is expected to play a minimum of 2000 hours? Then again if you look at World of Warcraft and Skyrim I suppose anything is possible.

Dragon Age Inquisition – 10 Mins Of Gameplay

Both Darrah and Laidlaw went on to tell Eurogamer that the world is massive. Familiar areas such as Ferelden and Redcliffe have been completely reworked. Apparently the newly designed area of Redcliffe is bigger than the the whole of Dragon Age Origins.

Bioware have also reverted back to their roots. Dragon Age Inquisition may be completely revamped but it’s ethos is the embodiment of Dragon Age Origins. Gamers can switch between a close action adventure style point of view or jump to a top down tactical point of view, were the gameplay pauses and allows players to carefully place their party members around the battlefield. Another way Dragon Age Inquisition has gone back to its roots is that players can fully customise their character. They can choose their name, sex, class, race and appearance – a complete u-turn on Dragon Age 2 were gamers were only able to play as the insipid Hawke.

dragon age 3 morriganCameron Lee reiterated; “Your hero in Dragon Age Inquisition can be any combination of 2 genders, 4 races, 3 classes, 9 specialization and different voices……Oh and you can make your hero look however you want.” Perhaps this is a slight jab at Ubisoft’s recent barrage of criticism, as the latest Assassin’s Creed game (which features 4 player co-op) will not have a playable female character.

Bioware went on to say that there will also be over 200 skills and talents to choose from and a huge, diverse skill tree to explore. But customisation doesn’t stop there. Instead of you picking up items and equipping them you can customise them too, you can even decide what hilt your sword should have.

Considering we knew little about Dragon Age Inquisition, and that our knowledge was based purely on previous Dragon Age games, it has become clear why Bioware have refrained from revealing too much. Not only did they want to surprise us with a wealth of information and goodies, but they must have been stumped as to where to start their spiel.

Dragon Age Inquisition will be available on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Ps4, PS3 and PC this October 7th. Stay tuned with Twinstickgaming for the latest or check out the list of know characters confirmed as party members for Dragon Age here (we will continue to update this throughout the year).

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