The Order 1886: Half Breeds & Werewolves

the order gameplayThe Order 1886 was famously put back to February 2015. This announcement came shortly before this years E3. However, that did not stop developer Ready At Dawn taking to the stage and revealing more of what was to come. The highlight this time was providing some clarity on The Order’s nemesis – the half breeds.

Although there are different types of half-breeds, the rest of which Ready at Dawn were unwilling to disclose, we now know that one type of half breed will be a werewolf. The footage shown on Sony’s centre stage completely changed the tone in comparison to previous trailers. Whilst The Order is set in dark alternative steampunk neo-victiorian times, a third person cover shooter has remained at the games core. The horror element has only been partially touched upon and Ready at Dawn wanted to reveal to fans that the mysterious figures hiding in the fog in last years E3 trailer, were in fact werewolves.

The figure that emerges in this new trailer was somewhat horrific and grotesque. Apparently the footage was toned down for the centre stage at E3 so it didn’t upset people. Not that I found the footage disturbing or anything but if you are playing down the ferocity of your game, that can only help stir up interest.

The Order 1886 – E3 2014 Unveiling

A recent interview with Polygon, calls into question the age of our heroes. For those who don’t know, players take on the role of Sir Galahad. Initially it was believed that Galahad was a descendant of the fabled Knight or perhaps that once someone joins The Order they are given a new name with historical significance. During a gun fight, we see Sir Percival take a bullet to the neck. Upon drinking ‘Blackwater‘ from a small vial Percival’s wounds begin to heal. Ready at Dawn’s Dana Jan and Garrett Foster explained that the resource, backwater, enables the Knights to heal and that as a result they can live up to 10 times longer than the average person. Even though fictional, King Arthur’s reign was supposed to be between the 5th and 6th century which would mean our Galahad is very old indeed. Ru Weerasuriya spoke of Galahad to GameInformer, “Everything that is going to happen in this game is going to define who he is. And it’s going to bring back who he was – who he has repressed.

This repression could relate to his rather long history.

Further gameplay showed off ‘Blacksite’ which gives our Knights a hyper sense – or for us gamers ‘bullet time’. This version of bullet time seems to come with a twist though, as the character appears to lock onto each enemy at lightning speed, very handy for dispatching overwhelming forces.

Interview With Polygon

At E3 gamers were able to get hands on with The Order and the demo revolved around a gameplay reveal that Sony chose to showcase on Twitch earlier this year. Whilst I’ve been skeptical of this third person cover shooter, largely due to it’s unoriginal gameplay mechanics, I can’t help but begin to feel that it might be starting to win me over. The mesh of cover based shooting, quick time events, alternative & original weaponry, bullet time shooting, horror elements, story telling and the marriage of gameplay footage with in game cinematics could lead to one of the most exciting games I’ve played in a while. All of these elements may not stand out on their own, but together they could produce one of the most interesting new I.P’s out there.

The Order 1886 is out exclusively for PS4 on February the 20th.