Assassin’s Creed Unity at e3: Vive La Revolution!

assassins-creed-unity-970x0Ubisoft has made a habit of bringing us innovative games, be it their new advancements in the field of urban hacking or earlier successes like the Prince of Persia Trilogy. However, their most well known and innovative franchise by far is – of course – Assassin’s Creed. Over the course six games, we have gone from Syrian crusader to Italian aristocrat, to American revolutionary to Pirate Captain and terror of the West Indies. Ubisoft has consistently delivered an interesting gameplay experience, pioneering the “puppeteer” gameplay system, constantly innovating and adding features to keep the games feeling fresh and interesting such as the wilderness exploration we saw in Assassins Creed 3 or the naval combat system showcased in AC III and expanded into a completely new animal in Black Flag.

Now, it seems we are returning to the more familiar urban settings of earlier games; an environment that I am actually a little surprised we haven’t seen sooner (given the focus on Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood that these events eventually inspired), the French Revolution .

In terms of gameplay, the e3 2014 demo has left me wanting to see more of this because there is undeniably something different. Movement, particularly with regards to free running and climbing seems much more fluid than we’ve seen in previous games. Vincent Pointbriant, the Senior Producer of AC Unity, was quoted talking about a new stealth mod