Evolve at e3: Great news for Xbox One

evolve at e3

Over 2014’s e3 event, we saw a lot from Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve. The asymmetrical shooter continued to shock and wow crowds as a number of new details came to light.

Firstly, good news for all, Turtle Rock confirmed that when the game launches at the end of the year, it will come complete with 12 different characters, spread across the four classes. We’ve met 8 of these already, two sets of the four classes, with a further group to be revealed (Turtle Rock have previously confirmed you can mix and match between the characters, as long as all 4 classes are covered).

Furthermore, they were able to confirm that there will be a dozen maps to stalk our way around – with a lot of variety between them. We still have a lot of these to see, but the forest level and the caves already look pretty stunning and give us an idea of what will be on offer in the full game.


Last, but by no means least, we were told that there would be three different beasts for players to choose from at launch. We’d already met Goliath, Turtle Rock used the e3 event to give us a proper introduction to latest beast, the Kraken. No less terrifying, but a completely different prospect to hunt down. With another beast yet to be revealed, this game stands to get better and better. You can learn more about the Kraken here.

It doesn’t end there for Xbox One owners. Revealed through the Microsoft press event, Evolve will have an open Beta as part of its development cycle – and that Beta will be open exclusively to Xbox One owners.

It gets better. All future DLC for Evolve will launch first on the Microsoft flagship console. How long the timed exclusive will last for hasn’t been confirmed, but this is still a massive bonus for Xbox One adopters. With people already speculating that future DLC is likely to involve an increased roster of beasts and hunters – as well as new maps – the DLC could be as hot a property as the game itself. Rumors of Turtle Rock and 2K licensing some well known beasts from the film industry have neither been confirmed nor denied at this time, but given that Predator has appeared in Call of Duty, its something we’re not ready to rule out just yet!

Evolve is due for release on PS4, PC and Xbox One, 21st October, 2014. Come back to TwinStick Gaming soon for more Evolve news soon.

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