Evolve at e3: Releasing the Kraken

evolve kraken

Aside from the awesome announcement of exclusive elements for the Xbox One (open Beta and timed exclusice DLC), the most exciting Evolve news from the show floor was the fully detailed introduction of the Kraken to the roster.

Nearly all the Evolve coverage pre-e3 has shown us Goliath, so much so that the image of the gaping jawed Goliath has become like a figurehead for the game. However, Turtle Rock Studios and 2K have lifted the lid on the Kraken through their e3 trailer and numerous hands on gameplay sessions with the press at large.

We thought we’d bring you a run down of the Kraken’s skills and abilities, but first, here’s the full e3 reveal trailer courtesy of 2K:

As you can see, Kraken is very different to Goliath. First of all, Kraken can fly. As if it wasn’t terrifying enough, this beast can take to the air, making him much harder to track. It’s quick and nimble too, meaning it’ll be even harder to hit once you track it down. Using your Trapper class player to try and pin it to one spot will be essential to victory against a skilled player.

According to Turtle Rock, this elusive speed and ability to fly does come at the cost of overall health when compared to Goliath, so if you DO successfully pin it down, Kraken should be a little easier to kill. However, the Kraken isn’t a damp squib when it comes to combat either.

evolve flying kraken

Unlike Goliath’s fire breathing exploits, Kraken comes imbued with the elemental power of lightning (or electricity if you prefer). Playing as the Kraken, you’ll be able to target individual hunters and release a massive lightning bolt that does unspeakable damage if you can score a direct hit. You’ll also be able to throw out an electrical dome that’s good for damaging a group before escaping. One power even allows the Kraken to fire out balls of electricity that act as homing missiles, seeking out a target. They can be easily destroyed with gunfire, but if the hunters are shooting at your electrical attacks, they’re not concentrating on you!

Kraken requires a very different playstyle to Goliath, but will be able to evolve its abilities in much the same way. What you choose to prioritise as you level up will vary from player to player, making life even more difficult for the hunters.

Evolve was definitely one of our top games of e3, a whole lot more left to be revealed, we’ll be following this game closely on its path to launch.

Evolve will launch on 21st October, 2014 on PC and next-gen consoles. Come back to TwinStick Gaming soon for all your Evolve news.

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