GTA V: PS4 Comparison Against PS3 – Does It Look Any Better?

Today Digital Foundry released a video comparing Rockstar’s GTA V on the PS4 with the original PS3 release. You’d be forgiven if you thought that this would just be another port with a thick layer of gloss thrown on for good measure. However, Rockstar have cranked their baby all the way to 11.

The trailer shows familiar settings in the game, with the PS4 and PS3 versions side by side. You’ll often hear people shout “you can’t tell the difference.” I dare anyone to seriously shout that out once they’ve seen this trailer.

Rockstar have given the game a complete overhaul. Visually we can see the improvements to texture resolution, sharper geometry, lighting and finer draw distances. Also the game has seen an increase to the population. There are literally people everywhere and cars fill up the motorways. On my PS3 I believed Los Santos was perhaps the most ‘alive’ city I’d ever had the privilege to roam in. Personally then, the next gen version of GTA V will be an explosive Urban Jungle in comparison. The only unconfirmed detail is whether the game will run in 30fps or 60fps, a case in point that has left some gamers reeling – but that’s an argument for another day.

Rockstar clearly want to reward gamers who make the jump from previous gen to the current crop of consoles. They perhaps felt that tweaking a few areas so the game was ‘passable’ as next gen would have been an insult to fans. As further reward, people can port their online character (along with stats) from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions to the PS4 version. A nice ‘thank you for being loyal’ from Rockstar.

gta v comparisonInitially fans were disappointed once they discovered that GTA wouldn’t be coming to PS4 and Xbox One, obviously Rockstar had bent the truth a little. At E3 Sony and Rockstar combined forces and showcased the next gen version. Yes it was all a lie and GTA V is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime this autumn. So why did Rockstar team up with Sony at E3. Well, interestingly Sony Exec John Koller made a passing comment to Kotaku that has lead to speculation that GTA V on PS4 will have some exclusive content;

GTA V is going to be, I think, a title we’ll talk about more in the weeks and months to come, but GTA V and the GTA franchise is something that will be something very special on PlayStation 4.

Koller wouldn’t be pressed on any more information than that, but considering Sony’s reputation with Rockstar is a little marred due to the fact that Sony accidentally made GTA V accessible via PSN before its release date, you can understand why Sony might be tight lipped. I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a slight prediction. Along with some exclusive content I have a suspicion the highly anticipated ‘Heists’ DLC which has been delayed over and over again, may end up being a timed exclusive for the PS4 and PS3. Heists was expected to land around June time, but with the next gen version of GTA getting a complete overhaul you can understand why the DLC has been delayed. Judging by the timing this could all be a tactical move that Sony has been negotiating with Rockstar over the last few months. Perhaps this explains the delay? Either way those who are desperate to play Heists won’t want to wait any longer and potentially any Xbox owners out there may be livid.

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