Destiny A PS4 Exclusive In Japan?

destiny 103It appears Sony has bagged another exclusive from Bungie and publisher Activision in regard to their upcoming title, Destiny. So far Sony has not only managed to acquire some exclusive DLC, as well as first dibs on the public Alpha and Beta testing, but they have managed to secure exclusivity of the game in Japan (granted, the Japanese customer’s luke warm response to Xbox may have made this happen by default).

This is all according to the Sony Press release (translated by Kotaku) that came from their Japan offices. Destiny is due in Japan on September the 11th and The Xbox One is set to hit Japanese stores one week before. However, Sony haven’t confirmed whether this is a timed exclusive and we’ll bring you word as soon as anymore information comes to light.

The reportedly $500 million Destiny project recently had an invite only Alpha test. Gamers were able to play a small portion of the game to get a taste of what is to come. The beta will go live on July 17th but you need to pre-order the game to receive a promo code, which is used to log into the official Destiny website. Gamers then have to wait to see if they are accepted for the Beta testing. To read our initial thoughts on Destiny’s Alpha click here.

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