Destiny PS4 Exclusive Content Detailed

For some time now Sony has been claiming that they will receive exclusive content for the PS4 and PS3 version of Bungie’s upcoming sci-fi FPS Destiny. The affiliation between Sony, Activision and Bungie has been somewhat of a mystery but we can now confirm all the exclusive goodies that will be heading to the PS4 and PS3.

destiny dlc 1

The Dust Palace Strike

First up is the online co-op map ‘Strike’ which will be set on the red planet, Mars. Featured, will be the ‘Dust Palace Strike’  which sees you and two additional players attempt to track down a Cabal extraction team. Your espionage will eventually lead you to the Dust Palace buried deep in the dunes of Mars, where a new enemy awaits – the Psion Flayers.

The Exodus Blue Competitive Multiplayer Map

Also featured in the Strike DLC is a competitive multiplayer arena called ‘The Exodus Blue,’ formerly a ship that traversed the solar system but has long since been stranded. Combatants can battle it out for supremacy in both ‘Control’ and ‘Skirmish’ game modes


Each of the three classes will also receive unique items and equipment.

  • Warlock class, Manifold Seeker armour.
  • Titan class, Vanir armour.
  • Hunter class, Argus wire-weave.


Gamers also receive two new shiny weapons which you appear to be able to upgrade. In a game were levelling up is the focus most weapon DLC are only useful for the early stages of the game but it appears (due to the upgradeable system) that these weapons may be worth keeping.

  • The Monte Carlo is an assault rifle, which you can upgrade to boost the weapon’s “hip fire” performance, as well as hastening the rifle’s melee cool down.
  • The Hawkmoon is a powerful hand cannon, that can be upgraded to cause further damage and increase the weapon’s combat effectiveness.

destiny shipsShips

From what I could tell from the Destiny Alpha, which I recently played, there are currently no perks to the ships (but then again I had a limited amount of time to explore). Hopefully this isn’t the case and here is a full detailed description of each ship taken from Playstation Blog.

“Aurora Wake”

A hull lined with arcane instruments, crafted by a circle of Warlocks – gifting the ship with a preternatural sense for the strange.

“Crypt Hammer”

A deep-strike insertion variant, built to carry Guardians safely through contested space. Carries hardpoints once used to hold Suros TL-SEAD anti-radiation missiles.

“Outrageous Fortune”

A rugged, versatile explorer for those ready to gamble everything in search of ancient secrets and alien power.

Did you get to play the Destiny Alpha? No? Then fear not check out our detailed review and first impressions right here.

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