Retro Classic Another World Coming To Wii U and PS4

For me Another World was the first ever game that made me stop, turn and just say ‘wow’. There have been some other jaw dropping moments in gaming since then, but everyone remembers their first time.

news_our_videos_of_another_world-13952Another World was a game changer both graphically and narratively. The game’s creator Eric Chahi (The Time Travellers, Heart of Darkness & From Dust) video captured his cinematic cut scenes and used Paint Deluxe to effectively hand draw over his characters. At the time this was revolutionary. Another World is also one of the earliest games to feature a companion and revolutionise how that was utilised in a game. An unnamed Alien that fans referred to as ‘Buddy’ continually assists the main protagonist Lester throughout the entire game. Their friendship, which was initially based on necessity, soon turned into trust and admiration. Buddy was the inspiration for games such as Ico and he still lives in the gaming hall of fame as one of the best companions of all time.

Another World HeaderNow that I’ve put all my nostalgic fond moments aside, I am pleased to tell you that a 20th anniversary edition is available on the Wii U and 3DS today, via e-Shop priced at £7.19 / €7.99. Another World will be receiving a new lick of paint and you can expect to see this cranked up to 720p. The good news doesn’t stop there though, as Another World is also making its way to PS4, PS3, PS Vita and Xbox One on the 24th of June. So far there is no word on an Xbox360 version.

From one gamer to another, if you haven’t played this game yet I implore you to do so. Another World is the very definition of gaming history and for those who enjoy following gaming’s roots, Another World is quintessential.

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