Dragon Age Inquisition Doesn’t Have 40 Endings

dragon age inquisition 110It appears you just can’t get the staff these days. Only joking but Bioware’s Producer, Cameron Lee, was perhaps a little over zealous in his estimation when it came to how many alternative endings Dragon Age Inquisition would have. Cameron Lee tweeted that Dragon Age Inquisition would have “40 major endings with additional variations.” This was coupled with the information that the game would take around a staggering 50 hours to complete. All of the was for the main campaign and not side quests or collectibles. So simply put……40 times 50……is……er….. 2000 hours of gameplay to complete all variations.

@DeepestOregon 40 major endings with additional variations

— Cameron Lee (@Cameron__Lee) June 11, 2014

Unsurprisingly Lee has retracted this statement and went on to explain what he really meant, “Most endings are major variations based upon your choices in the game. There are only a few completely unique endings.” In an odd way I’m disappointed as EA and Dragon Age Inquisition would have gone in the history books if it could have mustered up 2000 hours worth of gameplay, then again if you are an achievement hunter who enjoys getting platinum trophies or a 1000 gamerscore, it may have sent you over the edge.

Finally, we can also confirm that Alix Wilton Regan, who voiced the receptionist of the Normandy in Mass Effect 3, will be voicing the main female character in Dragon Age Inquisition. For all gaming news, reviews, rants, guides and ramblings stay tuned to Twinstickgaming.

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