Batman Arkham Knight Release Date Revealed?

batman batmobileDue to some eager beavers over at Microsoft, it is possible that we now know the release date of Rocksteady’s and Warner Brother’s conclusion to the Arkham Trilogy before an official announcement could be made!

Following on from the disappointing news earlier this month that one of the biggest and most anticipated games of the year was being moved back until next year, it would seem that the Microsoft store’s website in the US have listed the game for pre-order and subsequently added a release date. According to Microsoft we can expect to see the Arkham Knight as soon as the 24th February 2015.

Although this could be a place-holding date for the title, this would seem odd as dates such as this usually only state a quarter of a particular year (Q1 for example) or place a release date towards the end of a quarter. At this stage it is unclear whether this is a mistake on Microsoft’s behalf and that they have accidentally let the bat out of the bag, or whether this is just a temporary date set by Microsoft until Rocksteady and Warner Brothers are prepared to make the big unveiling.

We recently reported how Kevin Conroy had casually dropped in to an interview during his appearance at a comic con, that the game was not finished and had to be put back until January 2015.

Hopefully, with these dates floating around the internet and as rumour and speculation spreads, we may finally get to know when we can get our hands on Batman’s next-gen debut sometime soon.

We will of course keep you up to date with Arkham Knight as and when it develops!

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