Sony Lowers The Price For The Last Of Us Remastered

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Initially there was a lot of talk about whether Sony and Naughty Dog would lower the price of the Remastered PS4 version of The Last of Us to those who had already purchased the original PS3 version. Certain fans begrudged paying the potential £60 price tag that is associated with next gen titles. Instead Sony have opted to go for a much clearer approach by dropping the overall price of the game.

Playstation’s Adam Boyes announced on Twitter that those who pre-ordered the game at $60 will receive a $10 refund. Us Brits can expect to pay around £40-45.

This is good news for consumers as Sony, due to a certain policy they have in place, do not actually have to overturn any refund once a price drop is implemented.

The Remastered version of the Last of Us will hit the UK on August the 1st and will come with a host full of goodies such as all the multiplayer DLC Map Packs and the Left Behind single player DLC – all of which is included on the disc. PS4 owners will also be treated to a revamped visual reworking of the game which you can see here.

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