Spectra – Revamping 8 Bit Racing

spectra 1Indie developers are currently all the rage as part of the next gen initiative. The PS4 from the very beginning supported indie games, and we have seen some terrific output from the indie collective such as Octodad, Outlast, Don’t Starve and Resogun, to name but a few. Now, it also appears that the Xbox One wants in on the action. The Xbox 360 championed the indie developer, but the launch of the Xbox One hasn’t seen the same approach as forthcoming. But all of that is set to change, and one title that has become part of the Xbox family is Spectra.

Spectra is F-Zero on acid. This high paced sci-fi retro inspired racer, combines racing and music. The game centers around 10 chip tune/8-bit inspired stylings from composer Chipzel, and each music track is used to generate procedural levels. So effectively the track is endless, that is until the music ends. Players must collect the small orange blocks to build up score multipliers in order to achieve a high-score. If you hit an obstruction you will lose points and if you unfortunately fall from the track the level is over.

Developed by a new studio, Gateway Interactive, you can currently purchase this for your android phone and it will set you back around £7.49. There are also an additional 13 music tracks to purchase that cost around £0.99 each. You can get more info from their official site here.

At the moment there is no official release date for the Xbox One version of Spectra, but we can expect to see this hit the Xbox Marketplace later in the year.

Check out the trailer below.

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