The Order 1886 – Evolution Of The Half Breeds- What Are The Half Breeds?

the order 1886 werewolfThe Order 1886 developer, Ready at Dawn, recently posted a brand new video which delves into the evolution and history of the half-breeds. Whilst Ready at Dawn are reluctant to give away too much information on The Order’s nemesis, we can confirm that werewolves are not the only form of half-breed out there.

The video features much of the game footage we’ve already seen, but Ru Weerasuriya and the team explain the concepts behind the inclusion of werewolves. Check out the video below.

The members of the Order are either descendants of the Knights from King Arthur’s realm, Knights who have received the name purely as an honorary title, or are in fact the fabled knights of old themselves. In regards to the latter, how is this possible? Well, these knights like to down pints of ‘Blackwater’ which enables them to use hyper sense (bullet time to me and you) and also prolongs their lifespan. To be honest, I have often felt invincible after a fews pints too.

However, if this mythology is to be believed, and werewolves are amongst the frey, the possibilities are endless. What other mythological creatures or times in history could Ready at Dawn call upon? In a previous article, I noted the year 1886 is in fact two years before Jack the Ripper started his killing spree – will The Order 1886 receive DLC that suggests Jack the Ripper was a half breed? Also, if the Knights of King Arthur are in fact the fabled Knights, where is King Arthur himself?

Something tells me there will be more to The Order’s history than Ready At Dawn have already disclosed.

Sony’s The Order 1886 is out exclusively for PS4 on February the 20th, 2015.