Dragon Age Inquisition Confirmed Characters & Classes

In this article we take a quick look at the characters and classes that will be available in Dragon Age Inquisition. So far 8 party members have been confirmed and Bioware have stated that fan favourites Morrigan and Alistair will have pivotal roles within Dragon Age Inquistion, although we also know that they will not feature as a party member to your squad.

This article will give you the lowdown on all confirmed party members and playable classes. So far only 3 classes are avaialbe (much like the previous games) and up to nine party members are said to fight alongside the Inquisitior (you). Although the picture below suggests that the Inquisitor may have 12 companions. Stay tuned for more details as and when they are announced.

dragon age inquisition characters



dragon age iron bullThe Iron Bull (Warrior)

Those familiar with Dragon Age 2 will remember the imposing and power Qunari. Their beliefs and philosophies often seem ruthless to outsiders but they instil loyalty. However, the infamous Iron Bull, who was sent on a mission to Orlais to observe and report, has been away from the pack far too long. Iron Bull became so indoctrinated with his spy role that he himself has forgotten who he really is. The Inquisition have offered him a position to hunt and kill demons, and the Iron Bull is more than happy to oblige.



dragon age varricVarric Tethras (Rogue)

Varric is no stranger to being a companion in the Dragon Age series, as he made his first appearance in Dragon Age 2 fighting alongside Hawke. Varric sees himself as apart from his underground Dwarven Brethen and chosen to live top-side. Varric has no trouble rubbing shoulders with either the richest or the down right dirtiest of citizens to fulfil his personal goals. Varric’s charm, along with his signature crossbow named ‘Bianca‘ made him a popular party member in Dragon Age 2. We expect to see him as one of the first characters you stubble across in Inquisition.

Vivienne (Mage)dragon age vivienne

Vivienne is an official enchanter to the Imperial Court and is nicknamed ‘The Lady of Iron.” Vivienne is will and perseverance is unmatched. During her career she has never allowed anyone to interfere with her goals. Her fearsome nature has seen her climb through the ranks both politically and socially. Vivienne intends to restore order to a world filled with chaos but will she be willing to make the sacrifices needed to instil peace?



dragon age cassandraCassandra Pentaghast (Warrior)

Originally in Dragon Age 2, Cassandra interrogates Varric to the whereabouts of Hawke. She believes attempting to understand Hawke’s actions may actually prevent a war. Cassandra is devout and dedicated to her beliefs. She turned her back on a life were she was both wealthy and privileged to join the Seekers of Truth, governed by the Chantry. This organisation keeps a weary eye over those who they believe corrupt or a potential magical threat. When many seekers abandoned their duty, in response to the mage rebellion, Cassandra remained loyal. Depending on the decisions you make expect to occasion clash with Cassandra as you may have a strong difference in opinion.

Blackwall (Warrior)dragon age blackwall

No Dragon Age game would be complete without a fabled Grey Warden, and Blackwall is the very epitome of the Grey Warden ethos. Blackwall gladly gave up his former life and drank the cursed blood of his enemy, the darkspawn. With this foul poison seeping through his veins, Blackwall will inevitably die, but for the remainder of his life he will become the perfect weapon for fighting darkspawn. Any Grey Warden who is true to their calling will be a value asset in this war.


dragon age dorianDorrian (Mage)

Dorian is a powerful mage, who even at a young age was the envy of his peers. His natural gift for magic hasn’t made him humble, in fact Dorian is confident, charming and flippant. His family line is a noble one but his stance against what his homeland stands for has made him somewhat of an outcast, a label he proudly wears. In a world were mages aren’t always trusted Dorrian isn’t afraid to make himself a target.


Sera (Rogue)dragon age sera

In a world fraught with opportunities to revel and play in, the elf Sera and her ‘Friends of Red Jenny‘ basked in the glory of ‘how life couldn’t get much better.’ But then the world changed and war broke out. A war it seems no one is prepared to do anything about. Sera often falls to a frivolous whim but in these times she is prepared to do what it takes and joins the Inquisition to restore her old life.


dragon age coleCole (Rogue)

Cole is arguably the most interesting character of the group. Cole is a spirit caught between the real world and that of the ‘Fade.’ His body and mind are neither here nor there, yet he must find his place amongst society. Does Cole really exist? His origins are a mystery, one we are certainly looking forward to uncover.





Throughout the franchise Dragon Age has had only 3 selectable classes – Warrior, Rogue & Mage. Unless an announcement is made we can still expect to see only 3 classes.

dragon age warrior


Playing as this class begs the first decision, should you be a tank or more of a barbarian? Choosing to be often means selecting abilities and perks that buff either you or your teams stats up. This will allow you to absorb more damage and hold the line. It is desirable for Warriors to be out at the front going toe to toe with either the many foes or perhaps the most devastating of them.

If you choose a more visceral approach you can perhaps shed the encompassing armour in favour of two handed weaponry. By choosing this you can administer massive amounts of damage to your foes and cleave your way through the lines allowing your team mates to neatly weave through the battlefield.


dragon age mage


A Mage’s power is drawn from the ‘Fade.’ Should a person withstand the allure of a tempting demon they can access this unlimited pool of power. It is for this reason Mages are rarely trusted and often hunted down should they attempt to break away and leave the watchful eye of the Chantry.

Commonly Mages will sit at the back assessing the situation. What Mages lack in fortitude they make up with attacks that can obliterate hordes of darkspawn. Rain down fire or ice, heal allies or de-abilitise enemies Mages can change the course of the battle within seconds.


dragon age rogue


Possibly the most versatile of the classes and one that, if used properly, can lead to devastating effects. Rogue’s use weapon’s such as bows and daggers, opting for mobility and stealth over a full frontal attack. This class will often sneak around the battlefield to gain the advtange but make no mistake these Rogue’s are not cowards as, one on one, they can deliver some of the most powerful attacks in the game. So whether you choose to snipe from far away or get up close an person, Rogues can unseemingly usurp any strategic plan the enemy may have.

Twinstickgaming will continue to update any information on party members or classes as and when they become available.