Peter Dinklage’s Voice Acting In Destiny To Be Updated

"That Wizard Came From The Moon"
“That Wizard Came From The Moon”

Before any Game of Thrones, X-Men or Elf enthusiasts bombard me with threats, let me just say I love Peter Dinklage, he is truly a superb actor. However, his voice acting on the Destiny alpha test was pretty woeful, and if you skim the internet forums you’ll find that I wasn’t the only one slightly concerned.

Destiny is littered with fantastic voice talent such as Nathan Fillion, Peter Stormare and Gina Torres. The alpha felt polished, even though Bungee claimed the coding was ancient, but Dinklage’s performance was so notable that a meme, quoting a rather awkward line from the actor, was quickly turned into a piece of merchandising that has sold bucket loads. The line in question, “That Wizard came from the Moon,” was truly cringe worthy, but Bungie saw the funny side and have since responded to the criticism and jibes from fans. Bungie said Dinklage’s voice-over;

Has already been updated for Beta and it will be updated again for launch on Sept. 9, as well.

“Funny thing about Alpha builds … they’re not done. Please pardon our Moon dust!”

The latter part of the quote was a nod to fans.

Destiny’s Beta will land on PS4 and PS3 first on July 17th. The Xbox One and Xbox 360 version will follow 1-2 weeks later. In the meantime check out the list of Achievement/Trophies that will be available once the game launches or check out our initial impressions of the alpha.