Team17 Snap Up Kickstarter Game – Sheltered

Team17 Digital LTD have just announced that they will be publishing a Kickstarter game entitled Sheltered.

Developer Unicube are looking to raise £23,000 to help bring the game to PS4 and Xbox One sometime in 2015. With Team17 backing them I have little doubt they will hit their intended target, as they currently sit above the £20,000 mark.

sheltered 2


Sheltered is a post apocalyptic strategic arcade survival game, were players must feed, protect and shelter their family from the dangers that lie above. Sheltered sees a family set up of a father, mother, son and daughter all living in an underground bunker, as top side is filled with radiation. Players must manage their family by checking their vitals, ensuring resources do not deplete, and weigh up whether the risks are too great to send out family members to forage for food.

The family will also be confronted with moral dilemmas that could compromise the family unit. For example, you can recruit more survivors and indoctrinate them into the fold, but will you then have enough food and water to cater for everybody?

Sheltered also embraces its retro roots by incorporating a D&D style combat system and viewers will also notice the distinctive pixelated animation.

For those who loved the critically acclaimed Don’t Starve, we may have found your next survival fix. 2015 is the closest we have to a release date, and Unicube hope to include more features in the game, but even though Sheltered has been snapped up by Team17, they still need your help with the Kickstarter funding. So click here to jump to their page.

Twinstick Gaming will keep you up to date with the latest on Sheltered.

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