Borderlands The Pre-Sequel: Handsome Jack Gives Us Survival Tips


borderlands 102

In Borderlands 2 the only tip Handsome Jack was prepared to give was instructions on how to kill yourself. Now that you and Handsome Jack are best buds in the upcoming Borderlands Pre-Sequel, he’s here to help.

The Borderlands series is rife with off kilter and tongue in cheek humour, and the video below is no different. When on the Moon of Pandora, Jack explains that utilising the lack of gravity and obliterating enemies from orbit is the best way to survive “imagine butt slapping someone so hard they explode in acid.”

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is set between the events of the first two Borderlands titles, and this time you are working for (not against) Handsome Jack. The game is being spearheaded by 2k Australia and published by Gearbox, so expect tons of Australian voice overs as the publisher joked that the moon of Pandora was very much a representation of Australia in the Borderlands universe. Except this version of the outback has no gravity, space monsters and a bazillion guns.

Borderlands has proven to be a hit with gamers as each game sold around 5 million copies each and the popularity didn’t stop there as Borderlands 2 made its way to PS Vita earlier this year. At Twinstick Gaming we expect Borderlands the Pre-Sequel to live up to fans expectation and the opportunity to exploit baddies by blasting them into orbit is too good to pass up.

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is due October 17th in the UK on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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