The Last of Us news: More DLC on the way

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Welcome back to TwinStick Gaming – we’ve been upgrading, migrating and redesigning, so we have a little catching up to do this week! Believe me, though the lights may have looked out, there were plenty of us home!

Bringing you all up to speed on The Last of Us Remastered, we’ve had a great week of of news. Here are the top 3 The Last of Us stories you may have missed – by order of excitement:

3 – The Game has gone Gold.

Inevitable but exciting nonetheless. We were given the news that the game is ready. The kinks have been worked out, the new stuff has been added and now they are ready to cut and print the game (or upload it for digital downloaders). It wasn’t so much the game going gold that sparked our interest, but the snippets of news that went with that. For example, the game will now run at 1080p and 60fps (most of the time) – but can be locked at 30fps if the slightest grain of lag gets you all uppity and irritated (it’ll be 60fps all the way for me). Moreover, the game will also feature a ‘photomode’ akin to the one we saw in Infamous Second Son. This underrated tool is what helps your screen capturing go from good to unfathomably spectacular! (See our guide to great photos in Infamous here)

Better yet, the Dualshock 4 is being put to use. The touchpad will now be used to open the crafting menu (we assume the same will be true for Factions MP, but we’re yet to see), and the awesome L2 and R2 triggers can now be used for aiming and shooting, with listen mode and sprinting buttons moving to L1 and R1 (though hipster purists can shift it back if so desired).

Last of us new map

2 – No PS3 veteran discount.

Naughty Dog and Sony have confirmed that, unlike the early adopter deals we saw for Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed, there will be no discounted price if you own the game on PS3 already and upgrade to PS4. This is hardly surprising, the Battlefield and Assassin’s Creed upgrades were for games that came to PS4 the month after their last-gen release. Not a whole year.

However, in related news, they will be offering The Last of Us Remastered at a generally discounted price to all. It’s only a £10 / $10 saving, but better than nothing. They will also be offering a The Last of Us themed PS4 bundle that will help you make an even bigger saving if you haven’t yet purchased your machine.

1 – New DLC coming to The Last of Us

TLOU-Left-BehindEasily the number one spot it terms of excitement. Naughty Dog have confirmed that – YES – The Last of Us will receive at least one further DLC update in the near future. It will be DLC for multiplayer and feature new maps for Factions – possibly among other things. If you are still playing on PS3, fear not, the map pack will come to you too!

Future DLC has not been confirmed, though if this first one is a success, we may yet see further multiplayer developments. Unfortunately, we have been told not to expect any more story content; with Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann hard at work on Uncharted 4, this is no real shock either.

Though the DLC details have been scant, we have to assume that this additional DLC will not be part of the original Season Pass many of us purchased last year. So expect to be forking out another £6/7 ($10) if you want the complete package.

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