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guidesAs you probably noticed, we’ve redecorated recently, and like all renovation projects, it didn’t go quite as smoothly as we perhaps hoped it would, so for that, we’d like to sincerely apologise.

However, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Mike and Phil, we’re mostly back now, save a bit of tinkering here and there, so we’d like to officially welcome you all to the new and improved pad. (On that note, even though ordinarily it might be considered a bit rude to point out where your hosts had “missed a bit” with the new paint job, we actively encourage you to do so; if you spot a broken link or picture on your travels, please feel free to holla! The quicker we know about stuff, the quicker it gets fixed). Anyways, please, make yourself at homeMi casa es su casa and all that – there’s beer and soda in the fridge, a bag of Doritos somewhere, and some of those ubiquitous cheese-and-pineapple-on-cocktail-stick thingies too!

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A big part of the reason we went through all the kerfuffle was because, in many ways, we’d outgrown the last place, and we wanted somewhere that was big enough for the Twinstick community to continue to thrive and grow. A huge part of what we love about this whole thing, and why we continue to enjoy what we do here, is that we feel we have a genuinely vibrant and savvy community of gamers, who are united around a passion for a medium they all know and love. A lot. It’s hard to describe the feeling that comes from writing something, and then seeing your positive responses, or even just knowing that people are reading, and enjoying what we’ve written, and without wanting to get overly soppy, it genuinely makes it all worth while.

Y’all know your shit, and, even though we might not be as big as some other gaming sites, we’re pretty confident that, should we ever get into a gaming-knowledge-smack-down, readers vs readers type thing (it might happen!?), Twinstickers would comfortably bring it home.

So, on that note, we do have a small request of you. One of the drawbacks of migrating a site is that you take a bit of a hit in terms of losing some of the stuff you’ve already put effort into building up, as well as some of the momentum you previously had. (And when I say a “bit of a hit”, I mean like a full-on, Zangief sized punch in the face!). This is where you come in, dear readers, and where together we can build upon the community we have here at Twinstick, making it bigger and stronger and more interactive. If you like an article we do, sharing it on Facebook, twitter, your own blogs etc strengthens and consolidates our reach, and makes the community we have that bit more vibrant and diverse.

why isn'tSimilarly, if you read an article, and you’ve got something to add, or even disagree with something we’ve written, please feel free to jump in. One of the great things about the internet is that it allows us to interact in real time, and instantly build upon what already exists. Perhaps we’ve written about a particular game, and you’ve discovered a really cool Easter Egg in that game: get commenting and tell us, and everyone else, about it. Maybe we’ve written a guide, but you’ve figured out a way to kick ass and take names that we haven’t: again, share that shit – not only could it be helpful to others, but you’re going to look like a goddam genius for being the one to figure it out.

In essence, this place is yours as much as it is ours, and we want you to both feel at home, and be a part of what we do, so get involved, get others involved, and have a great time. It’s what we’re here for.

Plus, it makes that trip I had to take to the ER for “accidentally” eating paint during the renovation seem like a price with paying, so, you know, there’s that too…..

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