Star Wars: The Old Republic makes 165million

Bioware’s Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic has, according to SuperData, made $165 million in the last year. Now thats quite a lot of money. Games Industry reported that the fourth largest MMO was responsible for 6% of the total subscription based market. 6% percent might not seem that much but if thats all it takes to rack up $165 million what are the other three subscription based MMO pulling in?

TERA Online holds 8% of the market and made $236millionLineage commands 9% and took home $253million in 2013 but the behemoth of the subscription MMO is of course World of Warcraft, with a huge 36% of the market and a ludicrous amount of money topping $1 billion.

SuperDataSubs.jpg The Old Republic went free to play or F2P in November 2012 after an initially low subscription base. The move has obviously paid off. Removing the sub fee has enticed new players to come and test the waters. Then BAM micro-transactions, we have mixed opinions on F2P and micro-transaction here at the Twinstickgaming but if it keeps another game afloat then we’re all for it. You can see the full report over at SuperData.