The Last of Us Remastered is unsurprisingly BIG!

The Last Of Us what about now

News has broken this week that the digital download version of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Remastered, coming to PS4 at the end of the month, is pretty darn big.

In fact, it’s right up there with the largest PS4 games so far. A whopping 50GB of your hard drive space will be required to download the game from the PSN store. The news left many customers, who had already pre-ordered the game, feeling dumbfounded. The ‘meager’ PS4 HDD only has 500GB to play with. For some, handing over 10% of their HDD to a game that’s already a year old has proven too much and they have cancelled their pre-order.

Now, to anyone who has been following this game’s development – a 50GB download should not be remotely surprising. Only a couple of moths ago did Naughty Dog confirm that the only thing hampering the development of all they had planned for The Last of Us Remastered was actually physical disc space. The dual layer Blu Ray discs which are typically used for videogames hold 50GB, so unless you’re very bad at maths or were unaware of the size of Blu Ray discs, it should have been pretty obvious the download would be around this size.

It’s not like Naughty Dog would say ‘right guys, we’ve filled the Blu Ray disc entirely for the physical edition, all 50GB! Good news is, we’ve managed to shrink the digital version to just 15GB!’ That would make no sense at all. So, despite the way some fans have reacted, this really isn’t a shock.

The other thing this shows is that many gamers still don’t really know how both the next-gen consoles are supposed to work. 500GB sounded like a modest HDD to some at first, but when you think that all of your digital games, once purchased, exist on your online library – you don’t actually need to have them all downloaded at once! You can just delete a coulple of games you’ve cleared, gotten bored of or are simply not ready to play and you’ve got plenty of space for The Last of Us Remastered! You don’t lose the games, they just go back to your library to be dowloaded again another day! Providing you don’t delete your save file, you don’t really lose anything!

The Last of Us Remastered is shaping up to be a huge hit for PS4 – the original having already sold over 7 million on PS3. We can’t wait to delve back into it in the TwinStick offices! We’ll be bringing you our full review and streaming through our twitch channel as soon as the game launches on August 1st (EU).

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