Google acquires Twitch!?

A while back, we reported that Google were looking to buy the game streaming site Twitch, for something in the region of….*puts little finger to corner of mouth*…..”One. Billion. Dollars!”, and now, according to the internet, that seems to be a done deal.

Although both parties are currently in the coy “declining to comment” stage of proceedings, reports suggest that not only have Google’s YouTube division actually acquired twitch, but that the deal was, eventually, in excess of $1 billion. Cash.

That, I think we can all agree, is a lot of dinheiro, and it would indicate that Google have at least some plans for recouping their investment, although quite what they will be is anyone’s guess at the moment. Live-streaming is a medium that is rapidly increasing in popularity, for sure, so it could just be that Google are looking to future-proof themselves, but, as we alluded to in the earlier piece, there’s enough precedent for avid twitch users to be at least a little concerned.

As ever, we’ll be keeping an eye on this (not least because as twitch users ourselves, Google are, essentially, our new landlords), so keep it here for more news, as and when it surfaces……

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