Firefly Cast Will Reunite For Firefly Online


I am one of those devout beings, who at the very mention of the words “Firefly,” “Serenity,” or “Shiny” will hope that the person speaking, is in fact talking about Joss Whedon’s (sadly doomed) sci-fi adventure TV series Firefly.

I simply can’t help myself, every slither of news that mentions that the show may be getting a second series, I have to read it. More often than not it is to my disappointment. However, we can finally confirm that the cast and crew of Firefly will be getting together once more for the Firefly MMO. This might not be the news fans were desperate to hear but after years of awaiting a second series I’ll take what I can get.

The entire crew of Serenity will voice their respective characters and Alan Tudyk who voiced the much loved ‘Wash’ will be playing multiple roles.

The trailer itself may not look particularly shiny but if the MMO manages to, in any way, capture the essence of Firefly then fans will be willing to overlook the overall gloss used to make the game. Firefly has been described as an “online strategic roleplaying game” and is currently being developed by Sparkplug Games and QMXi.

Firefly Online is set for release in Spring 2015 and will be available on PC, MAC, iOS and Android.

Enjoy the trailer that features a cameo from non other than Nathan Fillion. “Let’s go be bad guys!”