Halo: The Master Chief Collection Full of Glitches!

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For die hard fans of the Halo franchise it’ll be good news to hear that ALL the glitches found in the original games will carry over to this new super shiny edition. This might sound like the work of mad men but it makes sense. 343 studios, the team behind Halo 4, are attempting to stick to the original games as closely as possible. Newcomers won’t be completely out of the loop on these hacks and glitches as Frank O’Connor, director of the franchise for halo at 343 said

We’re going to try to explain to people how those work so they’re not in the dark, so it’s not, like, five jerks on the map using it and everyone else doesn’t know what’s going on.


343’s aim with the Master Chief Collect is to convert the series’ earlier titles into a high-definition copy of the originals. The look may be new and flashy but the tight and solid game mechanics that has made the franchise a huge success remain the same. 1080p and 60fps are what 343 are pushing for and it looks like they might’ve got it.

It’s detail that was built into the game but never really demonstrated [by the technology of its day]. The jungle at the beginning of Halo 3 shows a lot of new light from the foliage. The rack slide animation on the pistol. I think you’re going to be surprised how much better the campaigns look at 1080p and 60 fps.


Launching with over 100 multiplayer maps The Master Chief Collection looks to be ticking all the boxes for diehard Halo fansYou can get The Master Chief Collection on November the 14th(UK) on Xbox One for £59.99.