Shadow Of Mordor Release Date Brought Forward

shadow of mordor 202 Shadow of Mordor publisher, Warner Bros, have confirmed that the game will be released ahead of schedule. Shadow of Mordor was originally penciled in for October 7th in Europe but has now been brought forward to October 3rd. Warner Bros and Monolith Productions (developer) had further revelations to unveil. The chief character Talion is resurrected by a wraith and with that Talion inherits several wraith abilities. But it is this relationship with the unknown wraith that has raised several questions. However, we can now tell you that the wraith is in fact Celebrimbor himself. Celebrimbor is the elf responsible for forging the rings of power and was betrayed by Sauron. Talion and Celebrimbor become kindred spirits as they embark on their quest for retribution. Director of Design Michael De Plater spoke to Polygon and explained the reason to include such an ambiguous character;

We wanted somebody who could be extremely powerful; someone who could legitimately and authentically challenge Sauron…..I think a big early inspiration was when Frodo [from the movie The Lord of the Rings] had the ring and he was going to give it to Galadriel, and it was really clear that if she took the ring, it was obviously a very different proposition if Gollum or any other hobbit took the ring.

The Ring of Power absolutely does represent what it says — this enormous power — and [Galadriel] could have brought down Sauron. So we wanted somebody at that level.”

This bodes well for Monolith as they continue to make Tolkiens world more and more immersive as well as authentic. The events of Shadow of Mordor take place after the Hobbit trilogy but before the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the inclusion of Celebrimbor gives much needed weight to the game and now sets itself very much in the Middle-Earth universe, much to the fans delight I’m sure.

The tragic end of Celebrimbor’s family is what draws him to Talion, whose family also suffer a similar fate. Hopefully it is this unity that will help summon an army to you to help over throw the tyrant Sauron. Shadow of Mordor’s unique nemesis system requires you to eliminate or assimilate chief Orc warriors to your way of thinking, as you attempt to work your way through the ranks of Sauron’s army and ultimately turn his own horde against him.

The initial reaction to Shadow of Mordor has been positive from critics and Twinstick Gaming can’t wait to get hands on with the game come October.