Destiny Moon Mission Live Stream

destiny beta

In case you missed it, last night Bungie finally opened the Moon up for players in a 2 hour special event. The Destiny Beta has kept us entertained for most of the past 10 days. Exploring, shooting, looting and getting lost in Bungie’s fantastic MMO FPS. We’ve played through the story, taken on other players in the Crucible and joined random Fire Teams to take on the extremely challenging Strike Mission (that can’t be played single player).

Last night was the big one though. The TwinStick Gaming official PS4 Fire Team took its inaugural adventure. With the express intention of trying the Moon mission, we veered off the task repeatedly! Firstly to help Phil get his level up (he’s had less time to play than the rest of us), then because, as Fire Team leader, I lacked discipline and like shiny things.

Lucky for you, we broadcast and archived the whole event for your viewing pleasure. As our first collective Twitch outing, there were definitely some rough edges (like not realising only my part of the conversation could be heard), but we persevered. We will have an ‘edited highlights’ version coming to YouTube soon, but if you want to laugh at our surprising lack of skills and see what the Moon mission looked like being played by people who are NOT pro FPS players click the link to out Twitch broadcast below!

destiny beta 1
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We threw in a couple of story missions, a strike mission and an impromptu dance party with a surprising number of online players whilst we were shopping in the Tower!

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