Journey And Unfinished Swan Both Coming To PS4

In the run up to Gamescom 2014, Sony originally posted a list of the upcoming games that were scheduled for showcasing via their official website. NeoGaf noticed that both the enchanting ‘Journey‘ and ‘Unfinished Swan‘ were listed. Since the spot, unsurprisingly, both games have been removed from the listing and Sony have refused to comment or confirm whether either title is due for PS4.

Both the Journey and Unfinished Swan are firm fan favourites and both brought something truly unique to the world of gaming. The PS4 online store is certainly taking heavy stock since the console launched back in November 2013 and if Sony are to continue this current trend they would be foolish not to include these classic games. If Sony’s ethos for the foreseeable future is that many PS4 owners were originally devout Xbox owners, then we all know (potentially) that there could be a influx of sales due to a new audience that never played these games the first time around.

This was one of the reasons for the Last of Us Remastered version and I doubt Sony will hold back on many of their much loved franchises, but it appears that we’ll just have to wait for Gamescom for any confirmation. Stay tuned with Twinstick Gaming for the latest.