Uncharted Movie Released Summer 2016

Sony have confirmed that the Uncharted Movie will hit cinema’s June 10th 2016. Filming will start early 2015 but as of yet no one seems to know who will play the cocky anti hero Nathan Drake. In fact no cast member has been confirmed yet internet rumours are rife.

When director David O’Russell was originally in charge of the project Mark Wahlberg was set to play the lead role and the movie would focus on how Nathan Drake, and his merry band, would be more of a family rather than a group of treasure hunters with a documentary maker in tow.

Since O’Russell’s departure that idea has been scrapped much to the relief of die hard Uncharted fans. Names like Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle), Bradley Cooper (A-Team, Silver Linings) and Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis) have all been thrown around by fans but so far Sony and newly appointed director Seth Gordon are either keeping tight lipped about the leading role or simply have no idea who will play Drake.

If filming starts early 2015 it suggests that Seth Gordon and script writer David Guggenheim have a plot pencilled in, a story which is believed to be in keeping with the first Uncharted game where Nathan Drake discovers he is the ancestor of the famous explorer Sir Francis Drake and goes in search of the lost city of El Dorado (Don’t worry I won’t put in any spoilers).

The big concern for fans, as with any game to film adaption, is whether Uncharted will actually be any good. Most of these adaptions simply don’t work and are terrible. Doom, Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Hitman, Max Payne, hell even Super Mario Bros to name a few. However, developer Naughty Dog are renowned for making cinematic gaming experiences, surely if there is any chance a game to film adaption could work, it would be one of their titles? Especially Uncharted which takes heavily from Indiana Jones.

My biggest concern is not so much the casting, although that will be key, but the director and writer themselves. Their résumé’s are mixed at best. Guttenheim has worked on Nic Cage’s Stolen (oh dear) and Safe House (Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds) was ok. Seth Gordon’s work isn’t particularly pleasing either with howlers like Horrible Bosses yet as a documentary maker Gordon does redeem himself massively with the fabulous King of Kong (thoroughly recommend this to anyone). However, with the Guttenheim being relatively new to Hollywood it’s possible those jobs were a means to an ends and Gordon’s documentary style (which could feature in the film as the character Elena Fisher’s is a documentary maker) may be the winning combination.

Although I expect a tirade of fans to complain no matter who they cast, Twinstick Gaming will watch this space.

Who would you like to see play Nathan Drake? Or who should step in for the role of Sully and Elena? Is Uncharted doomed to fail? Or could this be the first real exception to the rule that all game to movie adaptions suck? Tell us your thoughts.