Infamous: First Light Expansion Will Be Available On Disc

Earlier in the year Sucker Punch and Sony announced that the first expansion for inFamous: Second Son, entitled inFamous: First Light, would be available on PSN on the 27th of August.

The official PlaystationEU Twitter page has just confirmed that inFamous: First Light will also be available on physical disc two weeks later on September the 10th.

So far there is no official price tag for either the digital version or the physical version but if Sony intend to bring this to stores, this could suggest that the expansion has a length campaign attached.

Infamous: First Light follows the story of Fetch, the feisty purple haired anti-drugs vigilante, whom you encounter in the original game. Although you don’t have to own Infamous: Second Son to play First Light, owning both will unlock exclusive content.

Excessive Neon Powers here we come.

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