New Call of Duty Trailer shows Future Tech


Activision have released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the latest in the mega blockbuster franchise. The video give us a little more insight into the story campaign. Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey lends his talents as the head of a PMC called ATLAS. We’re shown that ATLAS is an army utilising lots of groovy new future weaponry.

Jetpacks, grappling hooks and mech suits all show up in this video, leading us to believe most of these toys will be usable to the player. We’re told that levels and game worlds will be much larger than previous games, allowing for tactical planning.

Graphically, it looks amazing. CoD has always done a good job with a smooth frame rate and a crisp look. Advanced Warfare looks to be taking advantage of next gen hardware. The detail throughout the city and the particle effects employed are fantastic. Let’s hope these all make it into the final game. Check out the trailer below.

CoD has come under scrutiny over the last few years as their flagship series has been accused of being ‘a tedious yearly cash cow’. With a new developer, new look and new toys – this could be enough to make CoD feel fresh and new! Here’s to hoping, we’ll keep you posted.