Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus Reveals Possible Arkham Knight Identity.

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Upon announcement of Arkham Knight, Rocksteady and Warner Bros. revealed that Harley Quinn will be an unlockable and playable character for those that pre-order the game. It has also been revealed more recently that Gamestop will have an exclusive pre-order DLC called The Red Hood Story Pack.

Rocksteady and Warner Bros. have not announced any details as to what this story pack includes but could this reveal give us an idea as to who the Arkham Knight is?

The identity of the Red Hood once belonged to a criminal before his transformation in to The Joker but it was later adopted by another who radically changed the identity of the Red Hood to fit his unique war on crime.

The man who became the Red Hood was originally Jason Todd, who was formally Batman’s sidekick – Robin, who met an unfortunate end when he was murdered by The Joker and took the role after being rejuvenated back to life by Ra’s al Ghul’s Lazarus Pit. The gun toting Red Hood vigilante is seen as a more extreme version of Batman (a description used for the Arkham Knight) and uses his training from The Dark Knight to an end that the caped crusader will never resort to.

Could this pre-order bonus reveal have outed the Arkham Knight’s identity? Could the Arkham Knight be Jason Todd after being The Red Hood? If this announcement is coupled with an interview with Zafer Coban during E3, we could draw another conclusion.

Zafer Coban, lead animator for Rocksteady, during an interview with 4Player Network said “…we’ve got Scarecrow, Nightwing liaising together, trying to take down The Bat.

Now this could have been a simple slip of the tongue with Arkham Knight and Nightwing being so similar but what if we take what Zafer had to say as fact?

batman red hoodFollowers of comics will know that Nightwing is the identity of Dick Grayson, the first Robin, after leaving Batman’s side to fight crime on his own. Nightwing or Dick Grayson have had no mention through the Arkham franchise so far, although Robin appeared during Arkham City in the form of Tim Drake (the 3rd person to take the role after Jason Todd, if the Arkham franchise follows the comic lore).

Nightwing and Dick Grayson have only appeared as a DLC playable character for Challenge maps during Arkham City and as a playable character for Arkham Origins Multiplayer mode (as Robin). So this leaves Dick Grayson pretty much untouched in the canon of the Arkham Universe (and completely untouched if you don’t count the Arkham line of comics).

If this is the case, could it be that the Arkham Knight is Dick Grayson?

The Arkham Universe draws a lot of inspiration from Batman across the various media: Comics, Movies and Television but it does take it’s own liberties (let’s not forget the shocking climax of Arkham City).

What if Dick Grayson was to take the place of Jason Todd as The Red Hood and ultimately as The Arkham Knight? This would certainly explain The Arkham Knights knowledge of Batman’s arsenal and the way he works.

With this in mind, would Rocksteady take the liberty of altering the history and characteristics of a character such as Nightwing which has such a big fan following?

Perhaps the Story Pack DLC of The Red Hood would explain Dick Grayson’s descent into The Red Hood and his transformation into The Arkham Knight. Only time will tell what this DLC will include but of course we will keep you up to date with all of the latest on Arkham Knight as and when we hear it!