Free To Play MMO Neverwinter Coming To Xbox One


Cryptic Studios have confirmed that free to play MMO Neverwinter is coming to the Xbox One. No specific date has been set but fans can expect to see the game within “the first half” of 2015.

The initial press release named that Neverwinter was coming to Xbox One specifically yet Cryptic often referred to the game coming out on ‘consoles.’ This lead to speculation that Neverwinter may be coming to PS4 as well and whilst Cryptic haven’t denied that the game is coming to PS4 they haven’t confirmed it either “We have no official word on any other consoles outside of the Xbox One at this time.”

When asked whether there would be any major changes or adaptions made from the PC version to the console versions, publisher Perfect World told Eurogamer; “The game will have some different elements to suit the nature of console play, such as new UI to fit in line with controller usage and use the native friend’s list in Xbox Live……That said the core experience will be the same, with a different cadence for module updates”

Neverwinter has racked up a respectable 74 on Metacritic although the user score has been a little more condemning. I’ve never hidden my love for the original Neverwinter Nights or Baldur’s Gate and a small part of me is excited to see this game come to the consoles. Sadly my computer isn’t really equipped for PC gaming so I’ve never actually got around to playing this Dungeons and Dragons based free to play MMO.

I will be honest with myself and accept that Neverwinter will inevitably have changed to suit a modern audience, whether rightfully or wrongfully. The new Neverwinter seems to be more of a hack and slash RPG rather than the moral choice based RPG that the original game was. This could certainly be a benefit though to the console version, as few complex and varied old school RPG’s work on consoles. The original Neverwinter Nights encouraged people to role play with other online players but this was done by typing out dialogue or emotes, the consoles simply aren’t designed for that type of game. However, the idea of fighting your way through the lands of Faerun with your friends would certainly suit the consoles just as much as the PC version.

Twinstick Gaming will keep you up to date with any developments of a PS4 version.