Guardians And Villains Heading For Disney Infinity.

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Recently, we posted a list of characters that were confirmed for Disney Infinity, it was no surprise that The Guardians of the Galaxy characters will be appearing along side many other Marvel favorites.

With Guardian of the Galaxy now in cinemas and already making waves, Marvel are making sure that they get the maximum exposure possible and with images of the figures of Guardians finally revealed, there is a lot to be excited for!

The highly detailed figures capture the charm of these unknown characters  perfectly and heroes such as Groot and Rocket will be instant hits.

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A playset for the Guardians has also been confirmed and will be developed by the UK studio that created the Pirates of the Carribean playset for the original Disney Infinity. You’ll also get to meet characters such as The Collector and Cosmos.

This isn’t all that Marvel will give us for Disney Infinity. In a second wave of characters, a bunch of villains will be playable.

Loki, The Green Goblin and Ronan The Accuser – Villain of Guardians of the Galaxy, will get their own figures to go with the rest of the collection of Marvel characters.

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How these figures will be playable in the game is unknown so far but it is likely that these will be Toybox only characters. Fan favourite villains such as these will unlikely be passed up, with people jumping at the chance to play such iconic and interesting villains.

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will be available 19th September.