Destiny Level Cap Set At 20

destiny 500

For those of you who maxed out your character playing the Destiny Beta, you probably reached the dizzy heights of level 8. With this being a Beta, obviously Bungie weren’t going to let you play with all of their toys, hence the level 8 cap. However, many of you may have heard that Activision’s Destiny has a level cap of 20.

This may come as disappointing news, especially if you reached the level 8 cap within hours of playing the beta. How could Destiny attempt to keep gamers engaged with their 10 year online plan if you could potentially reach the level cap within days? Well, Bungie and Activision didn’t give away too much but they explained that level 20 was a ‘soft level cap’ and that the game goes way beyond its short shackles.

The experience points that you earn after the level 20 cap will become ‘Motes of Light’ instead. Once you accumulate enough Motes of Light you can visit the ‘Speaker’ in the games main hub area. He will craft these motes into special armour. This in turn will boost your stats significantly and effectively mimic a level cap that is much higher than level 20. So far the stat boosts that have been showcased suggest that the character is more on par with a level 29 character. Weapons will also be effected yet we are awaiting full details on how this works.

This all works in tandem with the recently announced ‘Raids,‘ which sees 6 friends take on incredibly difficult missions were cooperation is the key.

Whilst Destiny’s 10 year plan may be unclear at this stage the early signs are exciting to say the least.

Check out IGN’s video for further details.