The Swapper Out On PSN NOW!

Sci-Fi indie title The Swapper, developed by Facepalm Games, is out on PSN right now. The Swapper hit the North American PSN store moments ago. Europe can download this tomorrow on the 6th of August for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita.

The Swapper has been receiving all sorts of praise from a host of critics, Eurogamer even said the game was “Unmissable”. This puzzle based indie title uses claymation inspired graphics to truly set the eerie tone and sees players crash land on a planet with an abandoned outpost. Players must explore to uncover the truth behind the missing crew, who have discovered a new life form. Amongst the deserted outpost you encounter a device too advance for mankind. This enables players to clone themselves and swap between bodies, enabling players to take control of the clone.

Twinstick Gaming will certainly be downloading this little gem come August 6th. Check out the launch trailer below.