Fifa 15 has 20 UK stadiums


English football fans will be happy to hear that Fifa 15 will include all 20 Premier League stadiums. These stadiums aren’t just simple renderings that “kind of” look like their real life counterparts either, and each one has an incredible level of detail.


With some jazzy new facial scanning too, Fifa 15 looks to be the most realistic and immersive kick-about yet. 200 of the world’s most famous players have had their heads digitally scanned, thanks to the partnership between EA and the Barclays Premier League.

Peter Moore, COO of EA had this to say;

We’re extremely pleased to announce the extension of our partnership with the Premier League, the most played league in EA Sports FIFA. It brings our award-winning game to new levels of authenticity and realism, and enables fans to immerse themselves in the drama and emotion of the league. And as a life-long Liverpool FC fan, I know exactly how that feels!

We’re not huge football fans here at Twinstickgaming but we always like to see developers putting in the extra effort for the die-hard fans. Do you like the addition, or feel that EA should spend the development time on something more pressing? Check out the official video below for more details.