Sleeping Dogs fly-kicking its way on to PS4 & Xbox One in October


United Front games are releasing Sleeping Dogs, the open world crime game, on PS4 and Xbox One on October 14th. This version of the reasonably enjoyable action-adventure is sub-titled the Definitive Edition, encompassing all the available DLC. Amazon have an enticing bonus for fans, a 28 page collection of art work from the game.


Sleeping Dogs was an above average game that had some good ideas and an interesting story. Graphically it had some nice touches but suffered from frame-rate and pop-in issues. Will the jump to next gen improve upon these flaws?

Square Enix, the publishers, had some success with the re-release of Tomb Raider on next gen hardware. The improvements were noticeable but not enough to cause much of a stir, yet Square Enix will be hoping to, at least, emulate some of the success that the recent remastered version of The Last of Us has had. The Last of Us Remastered soared to the top of the UK charts last week so let’s see what this new version of Sleeping Dogs brings to the table.