Far Cry 4: Top 5 Things To Look Forward To


Far Cry 4 is due for release in November, and from early sneak peaks it looks amazing. Far Cry 3 was already an amazing game, receiving plenty of 9/10 scores, and any if the 4th is better then we may be looking at a 10/10. Far Cry 4 is introducing plenty of new features, and here are 5 that you should be looking forward to the most.

1. Elephants


Wildlife was a major feature in Far Cry 3. Why would you waste effort and ammo in clearing an outpost when you could release a captive tiger and let that clear it for you? The 4th is to continue this trend, but this time with ELEPHANTS. Not only are these walking tanks capable of throwing people with its trunk and flipping cars with their tusks, but they are rideable. You read that right, you can actually ride on the back of these majestic creatures. Imagine this; bad guys are chilling in their secure outpost. Over the horizon emerges a figure, it’s you on the back of an elephant SMG in hand. You ram through the gate before you hop off and watch your Elephant friend systematically kill all the enemies. Damn nature, you scary.

2. Aircraft

Far Cry 3 had plenty of vehicles, like 4x4s, quad bikes and my personal favourite the hang glider. To top this off, Far Cry 4 is introducing aircraft. Shown briefly during a trailer, and mentioned in a few interviews, was a small helicopter. These aircraft are to be important combat and transport tools. The playable area of Far Cry 4 Kyrat is said to be bigger and more mountainous than Far Cry 3 so a faster method of transport is a definite must. Also, who doesn’t want to lean out of a helicopter miles above some enemies and rain grenades down on them?!

3. Wingsuit


I know what you’re thinking. ‘We had a wingsuit in the last game!’. That is true, but the wingsuit was acquired towards the end of the game. This was a great tool, allowing some great gliding moments and easy transport. The wingsuit in Far Cry 4 will be acquired near the beginning of the game. Now consider the other features added, with mountainous ranges and helicopters, meaning that the wingsuit just became your essential wingman (get it?) in this game. Why not fly as high as you can go in a helicopter, jump out and wingsuit your way around?

4. Fortresses


One of the cool things about Far Cry 3 was the outposts. Standalone stongholds with a number of men, varying in lethality, to be removed before the outpost became yours. Outposts are to return in the number four, just like in Farcry 3, except with one big addition. Fortresses. These are basically just outposts, except much bigger, much more fortified and much more difficult to liberate. No doubt these will require some amazing stealth skills, or some amazing firepower to defeat.

5. Seamless drop in drop out co-op


Far Cry 3 had co-op, and it was pretty good. It gave you set missions that you lauched from the main menu, nothing too special. Far Cry 4 on the other hand, is to feature seamless drop in and out co-op, meaning that you can invite your friends to your game whilst roaming around the open map. The big surprise here is that your friend doesn’t even need to buy Far Cry 4 to play it! Your friend will need to download a hefty client in order to play, as it will contain the entire game’s map, weapons and vehicles. The only downside for your friend is that they won’t be able to play the single player campaign alongside you. That’s reserved for people who buy it.

Farcry 3 was a breath of fresh air and a added a much needed dab of colour to the first person shooter genre. From the looks of this Farcry 4 will follow in the same footsteps. Huge levels of freedom and a robust collection of tools are just the start on this. Roll on November 8th! 

Check out the E3 2014 trailer below and see just how open-ended and varied this game will be.