GAMESCOM 2014 – Microsoft

Microsoft has kicked off this years Gamescom with a wealth of exclusive games and content. The event started with a run down of games to look forward to in the near future. A lot of these titles were already known to us but we still get to see some new footage from most of them.

For starters, Grand Theft Auto 5 which is getting a next gen make over will allow you to transfer your online character to the next gen version, Xbox one will also be getting a Beta for Evolve that will run through January and February 2015.

As expected all Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare add-on content will appear first on Xbox. We got a brief explanation of the new Exo Suit features before a live demo of the San Francisco bridge mission. High tech grenades and double jumps featured heavily. A Limited edition Xbox One bundle with a CoD themed decal, 1 Terabyte HDD and a digital copy of the game with additional content. You can preorder from today for £429.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 15.46.35Fifa 15 was another Xbox title to have exclusive content. The much loved ultimate team will have a collection of footie legends available only to Xbox players. 50 new legendary players will now be ready to join your ultimate team. If you sign up to EA Access you can play the game a whole day before anyone else too. one day early on access. A Bundle deal with digital copy of the game and Xbox One will be available for £349.

Forza Horizon 2 is heading our way on September 3oth. New weather conditions, 1080p, 200 cars, and a sprawling open world are just a few of the features to look forward to in the open-world sequel. 1000 player car clubs and online car meets all on dedicated servers look to make Forza Horizon 2 a truly social racing game.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was a high light for most of the fans. Halo one, two, three and four along with the live action series, Halo: Nightfall are all included within the collection. Agent Locke, the lead character in Halo: Nightfall is set to play a key role in halo 5, hence the addition of Nightfall to the set. We also got news of an up-coming Halo 5 beta and a Halo channel that we can assume will take over Halo Waypoint as the go-to place for all your Halo stats, news and updates. Long time fans will be pleased to hear that the favoured ranking system from Halo 2 will be the system used across all games in the collection.

The big surprise was Rise of the Tomb Raider an Xbox One exclusive! Continuing Lara’s journey the sequel will offer huge areas to explore, hostile weather conditions, bigger tombs and still the best combat bow in gaming.

With Quantum Break we got some world premiere gameplay footage. The cover based gunplay and time altering abilities will play a big role along side the much talked about, cinematic storyline. Fantastic looking graphics and lighting effects really push the Hollywood feel.

Fable Legends is the 4 player co-op action-adventure. Head back to Albion with up to three of your buddies or take on the role of the villain. A multiplayer beta is due to start on the 16th October you can sign up over at

Microsoft also announced over 100 indie titles coming to Xbox One via the ID@Xbox program. With some big name indie games heading first to Xbox –


All video content courtesy of MKIceAndFire


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